Our ADI part 3 - instructional ability Course

Now that you have passed Parts 1 & 2, you have achieved Subject Matter Expert status by demonstrating your theory and practical knowledge to the DSA. Our ADI Part 3 Instructional Ability Course will show you how to teach this new found knowledge to a pupil. DTC believe that this is by far the most challenging part of the qualifying process; the DSA pass rates reflect this, showing that only 28% pass this exam. It is therefore our aim to ensure that this course focuses on the core subjects that most training bodies seem to fail to deliver, teaching you to be an actual Driving Instructor and not just to pass a test.

Our course starts off with a classroom session exploring what a Driving Instructor actually does on a daily basis. You will learn how to structure lessons plans, give briefs on all subjects taught in the recommended DSA Syllabus for teaching learner and qualified drivers. Our trainers, through instructional and demonstration techniques, will build you into a Driving Instructor with an ability to pass your knowledge on to pupils. The course will focus on the following areas;

the DSA Part 3 test, common reasons for failing
lesson structure and planning
the method, clarity, adequacy and correctness of instruction given
the observation, analysis and correction of faults committed by the pupil
behaviour of Driving Instructors

After the classroom part of the course is completed you will start your in-car training. Role play is used extensively and we will provide you with our own comprehensive Part 3 training guide and high quality visual aids.  The Part 3 course is a 40 hour course which is carried out over an 8 week period. We believe that it is not beneficial to try to do this part any quicker than this as success is unlikely, as you will be unable to gain the necessary experience in order to pass the Part 3 test.

What is the ADI instructional ability test like?

The object of this test is to assess the quality of your instruction and your ability to pass your knowledge on to pupils. The test is in two parts, each of which lasts about half an hour. You must pass both parts on the same test. Candidates are limited to 3 attempts at this test in any 2 year period. Failing 3 times will result in you having to start the whole process again, only after your theory runs out.

You will be asked to demonstrate your knowledge and ability by giving practical driving instruction to the examiner who will first take on the role of a pupil who is a beginner, or a learner driver with limited driving knowledge, and then a pupil who is about test standard. The examiner will explain everything to you at the time.

You will be expected to maintain control of the lesson, be patient and tactful and give encouragement to the 'pupil' at all times. What is assessed is the relevance of the instruction for the ability of the pupil and to the particular conditions on the road on the day of the test.