In order to become a good Driving Instructor there are several qualities that you should already have such as patience, tact, enthusiasm, good communication skills and a genuine interest in road safety. These are the very qualities that the DTC driving instructor training program aims to utilise and develop as you progress towards achieving your goal of becoming a highly competent driving instructor.

Not only do we pride ourselves in our ability to guide you to success in each of the examinations, but moreover, we take the greatest satisfaction from knowing that all DTC trained instructors are amongst the best with many of them now delivering training themselves as trainers. We aim to provide you with the most professional, high quality and straightforward service available within the driver training industry.

Many training bodies will make claims to give you training that will turn you into a Driving Instructor within a few months. Many claim that you can in fact pass within a few weeks after completing a "Dedicated two week course that covers the same syllabus as standard training". We would rather be more up front than that and frankly, it's impossible to complete the training in such a short time. Becoming a Driving Instructor takes a great amount of preparation, study and dedication; it can not be learnt in a few weeks. Realistically it can de done within 6 months.

Our course has been designed by a fully qualified teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience. The training has also been accredited by the Driving Standards Agency's Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers scheme (ORDIT). To date we have trained over 100 candidates who are now successful Approved Driving Instructors. Our course focuses on teaching you how to actually be a Driving Instructor, unlike others who try to train candidates to pass a test. Our belief is that, if we focus on teaching you how to do your job well, you will pass any test at any level!

Our trainers are professional, friendly and will encourage you to learn. They have been selected for their relaxed but effective teaching style and all trainers sign up to a code of conduct that ensures they never make you feel nervous or uncomfortable.